万博体育看直播收费吗ERP(event-related potential,事件相关电位)语言实验室成立于2013年9月,内有ANT脑电数据采集处理系统(建设中)、NeuroScan 4.5脑电数据处理系统、E-prime编程和采集系统等先进的仪器设备,是融教学、科研、创新等功能于一体的高水平实验平台。依托该平台的ERP科研创新团队,师资队伍强大,教学科研水平高,团队成员健康积极向上,职称、年龄结构合理,具有良好的团队合作精神,承担多项国家级和省部级项目,为本学科的可持续发展培养后备力量,为国家培养更多的创新人才。


An Introduction to ERP Linguistics Lab

The ERP (event-related potential) linguistics lab, belonging to the College of Foreign Languages of Ocean University of China, was built in September 2013. It is equipped with ANT ERP data acquisition and processing system(in constructing), NeuroScan 4.5 ERP data processing system, E-prime programming and acquisition system and other advanced technologies, with which it becomes a high-level scientific research platform combining teaching, research, innovation and other functions. The ERP research and innovation team, which relies on this platform, boasts strong teaching staff and high research level. With active attitude toward academic research, reasonable title and age structures and good cooperative spirit, the members in the team have undertaken a number of national-rank and provincial-rank scientific research projects and aim to cultivate the reserve forces for the sustainable development of the discipline and more innovation talents for our country.

ERP is an advanced instrument for recording the brain waves when it processes certain event, for which it is called “the window for the observation on brain”. In language studies, it is mainly used to explore the brain’s cognitive neural mechanism for language processing. It can be applied to many fields, such as second language acquisition, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, cross-cultural communication, literature, aesthetics and language processing for monolinguals and bilinguals and so on, which are the academic interests of teachers, graduates and undergraduates in our university.